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Transformers & Metering Components for Measurement & Control

Analog Panel Meters

Analog Instruments: These high quality analog instruments are designed to measure an extensive range of electrical and electronic parameters. Instruments are precision engineered and robust in design, ensuring accurate measurement and display in the most demanding of environments. All instruments are available in a range of styles, sizes and specifications to meet the exacting needs of your industry.

Din Style Analog Panel Meters: An extensive range of 48, 72, 96 and 144mm DIN style panel meters. Short-scale ammeters, voltmeters and frequency meters incorporate slide-in dials and terminal covers. Long-scale meters are also available. Meters for power or energy contain in-built transducers and can be customized to suit many different system configurations and ranges.

Ruggedized Meters: These heavy duty sealed instruments are designed to comply with the most stringent industrial, marine and military specifications.

Variable Area Flowmeters: The Variable Area Flowmeter is one of the oldest principles in flow measurement with its simple design: a float rises inside a conically shaped glass tube as the flow increases, its position on a scale can be read off as the flow rate.

Digital Meters

Digital Meters: Digital Meters are a cost effective solution for measurement and display of all major electrical and power quality parameters. Easy programming, mounting and user-friendly navigation make the Digital Meters an ideal choice for customers who require reliable energy measurement.

Meter Relays

Meter Relays: Meter relays combine a highly accurate indicator with High and Low set point relays. The relays can operate alarm and control devices when the monitored signal value moves outside the chosen set point limits shown by adjustable red index pointers. A single compact case houses the unit which requires only the input signal and power supply thus saving space and installation time.

Power Meters

Power Meters: An extensive range of DIN-rail and panel mounted Kilowatt hour meters which measure the real consumption of active energy. These instruments are ideal for secondary metering in switchgear, plant instrumentation and process control applications.

These models incorporate an electro-mechanical kWh counter or LCD display with associated electronics within the instrument case. Requiring no maintenance, the kWh energy meters support energy efficiency and awareness whilst ensuring systems remain balanced and safe.

Protector Relays

Protector Relays: An extensive range of electronic control products providing continuous monitoring and protection of any electrical parameter. When the monitored parameter deviates from the desired set point limit, the relay will operate to prevent damage to the power asset. Designed to suit a wide variety of applications the range offers both traditional and technologically advanced products, from single parameter units through to multifunctional microprocessor based protection relays.

This versatile range features a host of DIN-rail or wall mounted protectors offering numerous trip functions for single and three-phase power systems, including over and under-voltage, current, frequency, three-phase sequence, phase failure and phase balance. For the specific protection of generator sets, the range offers unbalanced current, reverse power flow, reverse VAr, syncro-check and under/over-speed trip relay functions. Various dc models provide protection of battery and UPS systems and a range of temperature protection products is ideal to prevent the damaging effects of overheating.


Shunts: Shunts are separately mounted units used for extending measurement of currents beyond the available limits of self contained DC Ammeters. The large capacity type switchboard shunts is designed for permanent installation in bus bar circuits. The lower capacity type is readily mounted on insulated or non-insulated panels. Where possible, all shunts should be mounted on the grounded side of the circuit. Panel mounted shunts with insulated bases must be mounted on the grounded side of the circuit above 750 volts.

Switchboard Meters

Standard ANSI: These high quality analog instruments are designed to measure an extensive range of electrical and electronic parameters. Instruments are precision engineered and robust in design, ensuring accurate measurement and display in the most demanding of environments.

High Shock: Designed specifically for stringent industrial, marine and military specifications, (MIL-M-16034/Ruggedized)

Digital Switchboard Meters: Ideally designed for easy retrofit into existing switchboard meter panel cutouts, measuring capabilities include: A/V/HZ/Watt/Var/PF/Phase Angle. Available in single, dual and triple display.

Digital/Analog Combo: These switchboard meters feature analog and digital display to provide the ultimate in readability of power and control parameters.



Transducers: An extensive range of transducers providing measurement, isolation and conversion of electrical parameters into industry standard dc output signals. The range offers protection against high voltage and overload, and resistance to vibration in harsh electrical environments.

The transducer range also offers multiple analogue outputs in a single housing and individual measurement of most electrical parameters.


Transformers: 600V- 34.5kV(and higher) Current and Voltage Transformers, indoor and outdoor applications.IEEE C57.13, IEC, UL, CE, requirements.

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