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Model 3P3 Current Transformer

APPLICATION: 3 phase metering and other switchboard applications and for current to voltage conversion by use of a loading resistor as illustrated in the graph below and having low primary current input.
FREQUENCY: 50-400 Hz.
INSULATION LEVEL: 600 Volts, 10 kV BIL full wave.
Models 3P3-500 - 3P3-301: 1.33 at 30oC amb., 1.0 at 55oC amb.,
Models 3P3-1000T: 450A at 30oC amb., 300A at 55oC amb.,

Terminals are brass studs No. 8-32 with one flatwasher, lockwasher and regular nut.
Transformers can be ordered with secondary leads configured in various ways (consult factory).
Load resistors may be mounted directly on terminals thus providing a "space saver" feature.

Approximate weight 1.75 lbs.
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Ph: (978) 887-2020
Fax: (978) 887-2225

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