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Model 4NO4

Outdoor Split Current Transformer


  • Application: To measure large ground wire currents
  • Weatherproof NEMA Type 6P/IP65
  • Custom sizes for unique applications
  • Hinged, Split-top
  • Potted for outdoor use
  • Standard 8 ft. cable, longer lengths available
  • UV Protected
  • Non-corrosive nickel core



The 4NO4 is a split outdoor rated current transformer that uses a nickel core. The standard model has a hinged, snap or screw top for quick and easy installation. Designed for use on low potenital ground wires that could carry  large currrents. An 8 foot, twisted pair, 18AWG cable with an overall sheath is standard. Lengths to 100 feet available. An optional shielded cable is also available. Mounts can be provided for unique installations.


Weatherproof NEMA Type 6P/IP65. Successfully tested against corrosion in sea water. Hundreds of units installed in all weather conditions. Wet tested in accordance with section 4.4. IEC 61010-1.

Accuracy                                                                                                 Class 0.5 per IEC Table 11, IEC 60044-1
Phase Displacement                                                                 Max 0.5 degrees per IEC Table 12, IEC 60044-1
Environmental                                                                                                                           NEMA Type 6P/IP68
Rated Primary Current                                                                                                               Up to 1500A
Rated Frequency                                                                                                                        50/60 up to 400 Hz
UL Rated AC Output                                              Available in all common outputs 1 Amp, 5 Amp, 333mV, etc.

                                                                            Custom outputs available for almost any application.

Output Impedance (Z-out) at 333-mV                                                                       Not to exceed 100 ohms
Acceptable Load of Output                                                                                                At least 100 times Z-out
Related Insulation Level                                                                                                600 VAC, Class 105
Max Operating Temperature                                                                                                    70º C (158º F)
Output Cable                                                                             UL LIsted 8 foot, sheathed twisted pair, 18AWG
Twisted Pair
CT Housing                                                                                                                      Tilt-top or Snap-top
Solid Core
Outdoor Dimensions from 2"x2" up to 13"x13"
Window Sizes from 0.75"x0.75" to 12"x12"














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