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Model CTWH6-125-T200 Medium Voltage Current Transformer

APPLICATION: Metering and relaying.
FREQUENCY: 50-400 Hz.
MAXIMUM SYSTEM VOLTAGE: 25.5kV, BIL 125kV full wave.
1.50 at 30oC amb., 1.33 at 55oC. amb.
2000:5 = 1.33 at 30oC. amb., 1.00 at 55oC. amb.
2500:5 and 3000:5 = 1.00 at 30oC. amb., 0.85 at 55oC. amb.

Primary terminals are plated copper bars, configured as specified.
Secondary terminals are brass screws No. 10-32 with one flatwasher and lockwasher.
Vacuum cast polyurethane resin.
Dual bars spacing is 1/2 inch.

Approximate weight 150 lbs.
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Fax: (978) 887-2225

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