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Model SM-35 Multirange Panel Meter

The SM-Series meters have LCD or LED dis plays and offer many unique features designed to simplify installation, cal i bration and scaling. All SM-35 and SM-35X meters are pin-compat ible, which enables LED and LCD meters to be inter changed within the same panel without necessitating wiring or panel cutout changes. All SM-Series meters are powered with bipolar single-ended in puts. The meters feature Display Hold, Display Test and Auto- Polarity indication. The po lar ity indication may be disabled or re versed by repositioning jumper clips on internal header pins.
The SM-series of meters are designed to be user scalable to almost any en gi neer ing unit of readout. On-site scaling and recalibration is fa cili tated by multi-turn po ten ti ome ters that provide continuous fine and coarse ad just ment within each of the three header-pro gram mable full scale ranges. The three ranges provided with the SM-35 (LED display) and SM-35X (LCD display) are 2V, 20V and 200V full scale and both of these meters can be ordered with an optional zero-offset ad just ment potentiometer.
The SM-35MV (LED display) and SM-35XMV (LCD display) are specially designed for low voltage inputs and provide three header-programmable input ranges of 20mV, 200mV and 2V full scale. Both the SM-35MV and SM-35XMV have zero-offset ad just ment po ten ti ome ters as a standard fea ture and a unique constant current power supply that eliminates any ground loop noise.
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