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Analog Switchboard Meters

Analog Switchboard Meters

Standard ANSI: These high quality analog instruments are designed to measure an extensive range of electrical and electronic parameters. Instruments are precision engineered and robust in design, ensuring accurate measurement and display in the most demanding of environments.

High Shock: Designed specifically for stringent industrial, marine and military specifications, (MIL-M-16034/Ruggedized)

Digital Switchboard Meters: Ideally designed for easy retrofit into existing switchboard meter panel cutouts, measuring capabilities include: A/V/HZ/Watt/Var/PF/Phase Angle. Available in single, dual and triple display.

Digital/Analog Combo: These switchboard meters feature analog and digital display to provide the ultimate in readability of power and control parameters.

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  1. Crompton 007 DC Ammeters

    Crompton 007 DC Ammeters

    The new Crompton Instruments compact ANSI switchboard meter offers Class 1 accuracy metering performance packed in a low profile, depth saving case. The 007 switchboard meters are a direct drop-in replacement for our legacy switchboard products. The new compact case also offers a lightweight, heavy duty polycarbonate case which is electrically safe. The 4 1/2 inch meter complies with ANSI-C39.1 specifications. Calibrated for vertical panel mounting.
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  2. Series 078 DC Ammeters
  3. Model 007-DI Digital/Analog Combination DC Ammeters

    Model 007-DI Digital/Analog Combination DC Ammeters

    Model 007-DI digital analog indicators are ideal for all applications where moving pointer instruments are preferable to indicate trend with the simultaneous display of a high visibility precision LED readout for increased user interface.
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  4. Texmate DV Series Analog Switchboard Meter with Digital Display

    Texmate DV Series Analog Switchboard Meter with Digital Display

    Alternative 3 phases Digital Indicators and Controllers. See flyer (Z667) Accuracy: Pointer: class 1.5 Digital Display: ±0.5% + 2 counts Switch Board Panel Cutout Adapter Plate (p/n:OP-PMA/SWBD)
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4 Item(s)

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