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About Spectrum

Spectrum FacilitySpectrum Industries, Inc., located in Topsfield, Massachusetts has been serving customers since 1993.

The company began as a small electrical distributor concentrating on the field of AC and DC measurement and control. The products we carried included panel and power meters, Instrument Transformers, Protector relays, Power Transducers, Control Switches and Current shunts. In the past 15 years, changes occurred in the industry. Our customers were less concerned about the metering products and more concerned about the supporting products, specifically the Instrument transformers that interfaced with the meters. The change was gradual at first; most requests were for small, 600V donut type general purpose current transformers. As requests for Instrument Transformers became more prominent, the voltage class and ratings increased as well. Applications became more complex and the push for renewable and alternative energy helped to expand our previous offering from 600 volts all the way to 800KV. In addition, we now offer indoor and outdoor transformers, control power transformers, CCVT’s, CVT’s, and SSVT’s. Our adaptation to the changes in industry now result in Instrument transformers as our primary product offering, accounting for nearly 70% of our gross sales.

Currently, Spectrum Industries, Inc has 8 employees, 3 representative organizations and a host of sub-distributors that work exclusively with us in the US. Outside the US, we currently have customers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

We stock over 6000 Instrument transformers in our warehouse in Topsfield and 15,000 more in additional facilities across the US.
Spectrum Industries, Inc. is constantly striving for new ways to service our customers by providing innovative products and solutions to today’s problems.
We hope you will join us on our journey as a valued customer or in partnership as one of our key suppliers.
I personally look forward to working with you.

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Spectrum Industries, Inc.
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Main office, Topsfield, Massachusetts
Ph: (978) 887-2020
Fax: (978) 887-2225

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